The membership year starts from 1st October when the Club’s AGM is held and annual membership subscriptions and affiliations are paid. Full membership allows you to shoot at any club event (additional shooting fees may be payable depending on the venue). It also includes affiliation fees to the Archery governing body – ArcheryGB.

This provides you with all the ArcheryGB services, insurance at any ArcheryGB affiliated event and a regular copy of the ArcheryGB magazine “Archery UK”. The annual Senior subscription is £75.00 (inc GNAS fees) and the annual Senior (18-24) and Junior subscription is £30 (inc ArcheryGB fees). If you join partway through the subscription year a reduced fee may be payable. 

Please contact us for further information on how to join.

Shooting as a Guest

We welcome archers who are members of other ArcheryGB affiliated archery clubs to join us for our shooting sessions. We would appreciate if you can contact us in advance. Note that guests pay slightly higher session shooting fees. NOTE: Fees are reviewed annually and may change from current prices.


Becoming a Member

To become a member of Hampstead Bowmen you will need to have a completed ArcheryGB approved beginners’ course, or have been a member of another archery club. Please contact us at and we will get in touch to arrange an assessment prior to approving your membership. The assessment will usually take place at the Royal Free Recreation Centre on Saturdays. You will be asked to bring along proof of completion of a beginner’s course, or prior membership of another club. Please note: assessment must be arranged in advance and will take approximately one hour.

Already a Member of Another Club?

Associate membership is open to any archer who is already a full member of another ArcheryGB affiliated club. It allows you to shoot at any club event (additional shooting fees may be payable depending on the venue). A Senior Associate member pays the club subscription of £40 per year. A Senior Associate member (18-24) pays £30 per year. A Junior Associate member pays £20 per year. 

Please Note: A Junior member is any child 17 years of age or less. The minimum age for Junior membership is 10 years. A Senior member is from 18 years of age.