Hampstead Bowmen “252” Challenge

The “252” challenge is a badge scheme to encourage accuracy and good grouping at all distances. This is a challenge for all members of the club; both novices and experienced archers.
The challenge is to score 252 points with 3 dozen arrows on a 122cm target face at set yard distances. Six sighters are allowed to start. This challenge encourages accuracy and good grouping at all distances as you need to average all 36 arrows scoring in the red to achieve a score of 252.

The round is scored with imperial scoring (9,7,5,3,1) at all distances.
Those who successfully complete each distance will receive a colour quiver badge as follows:

20 yards – White     30 yards – Black     40 yards – Blue     50 yards – Red     60 yards – Gold     80 yards – Green     100 yards – Orange.


The score of 252 or more to be shot from 3 dozen arrows (36), using 5-zone scoring (9, 7, 5, 3, 1) on a 122cm target face
The 3 dozen arrows may be shot alone, or as the first 3 dozen of a longer imperial round.


Records and Handicaps

Members of Hampstead Bowmen can submit their scores for a round to our Records Officer. He’ll keep track of your handicap and classification and let you know of any updates. He’ll also add your score to the official club records, should it be good enough!
Club records and individual records are available at our members’ area. You have to be a club member to access these.

Other Hampstead Bowmen Tournaments

There are various other in house tournaments, both indoor and outdoor, that members can take part in, as well as tournaments at other clubs and within Middlesex County. Full information on these can be found in the 'Members Area' - accessible when you have taken Hampstead Bowmen club membership.

One example is our Annual Windsor shoot in October, fearuring a barbeque, mulled wine and bonfire to burn the old target bosses. A great social event!